Smart reusable packaging for packaged foods

circolution rents out reusable containers, takes care of reverse logistics and tracks containers throughout the journey

Anita in Steel smart. reusable.

Different food products

can be filled in the container

Normal deposit machines

accept Anita in Steel

Fully traced through cycle

each container is smart and traced at each station of the reuse cycle


What is circolution?

We have developed the most advanced reusable solution that saves a lot of waste

Our solution

Find out more about Anita and our service


is massive – both ecologically and financially

The Team

is a driver of change

What a coffee roaster has to say:

"We aim for each new generation of our packaging to be more sustainable than the last. circolution is our next step forward."
Julian Ploch
Co-owner of the Frankfurt coffee roasting company "Hoppenworth & Ploch".

Fresh from the press

Reusable packaging

Nestle conducts trial of reusable packaging for the Nesquik cocoa brand

Compatibility with reverse vending machines

Nestlé moves Nesquik into reusable steel packaging in Germany: ‘We want to use less virgin plastic; this is a concrete solution’

Reusable system

Our early vision for the reusable system for all food segments

Reusable cycle

Reusable containers are filled by food manufacturers and sold in supermarkets. Consumers buy the product, return the packaging to the normal deposit machine, and receive their deposit back. circolution takes care of inspection, cleaning & transport – and provides data needed to make the system most efficient

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