How does the reusable solution work?

Just like with water & beer. Simply buy the product in the reusable packaging & pay the deposit. Return the empty container together with the lid to the normal deposit machine and receive the deposit of 2.50 euros

Produkte im Regal

How Anita works

What do consumers have to do?

Purchase coffee or cocoa in participating markets.

Simply pay the surcharge at the checkout.

As an end consumer, you can return your cup to the reverse vending machine in participating supermarkets.

Afterwards you will get your deposit back at the cash desk

More about our work:

Our Solution

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Reusable where it makes sense is our motto

The Team

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Euer Feedback zu unserer Lösung

"Tenete ergo quod si servitus quae natura liber, et aliena tua tunc impeditur. Dolebis, et turbabuntur, et invenietis, cum culpa tam dis hominibusque. Quod si tibi tantum sit propria et aliena"
John Krasinsky

We help achieve the following UN goals:

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are political targets set by the United Nations (UN) to ensure sustainable development at the economic, social and environmental levels worldwide.

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